HEROs bring results.
Here they are.

Serve veterans and rescue children
at the same time.

At least 55% of suspects possessing child abuse imagery are hands-on predators. We use a conservative average of at least 3 victims each, including current victims and children who would have been targeted during the years a predator will be locked up. Here's a look at a single HERO's impact:
Behind every number is a human story, and a life changed.

Here are actual cases worked by the law enforcement teams our HEROs have joined.
  • Operation Sunflower was named in honor of an 11-year-old girl rescued in Kansas. In a matter of weeks, agents identified 123 victims of child sexual exploitation, including toddlers and very young children. In Georgia, this “grandfather” pled guilty to sexually assaulting young children to produce child pornography. A military intern who was key in this case became a member of the first HERO Corps class. (ICE News Release)
  • Law enforcement agents uncovered a ring of child pornographers who were plotting to murder and cannibalize children. One had built a basement dungeon, equipped with a cage, butcher tools, and a child-sized coffin. Authorities believe they got there before he carried out his plans. The HERO Corps puts some of the most highly-trained hunters of men on the planet into units like these. (CNN Story)
  • ICE’s victim identification program searches through clues in crime scene photos and video to identify children in danger. When they released this photo of a John Doe perpetrator, a tip led them to a young girl, who was rescued. HEROs receive specialized training from the victim identification experts and take that knowledge with them into the field. (WJLA.com)
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